What Services Do Tree Surgeons Offer

Trees play a vital role in maintaining the natural ecosystem. During the day, trees produce oxygen and help maintain the temperature in the surrounding environment. During the night, trees produce carbon dioxide. Excessive deforestation in numerous areas has led to serious climate control problems, and has also affected the quality of air in many parts of the globe. Trees, like any other living being, require proper care.

Trees are susceptible to disease or damage from time to time, and a tree surgeon is responsible for treating such trees. Here are some of the many services that reputable tree surgeons in Orpington offer.


Excessive overgrowth can cause a number of issues with large trees. They can attract pests and also damage the branches in the trees. Proper pruning is essential, especially if the trees are growing in your garden or yard. Tree surgeons know how different trees respond to different pruning techniques, and know how to properly remove dead, crowded, or weak branches from the tree.


Pollarding begins when the tree is relatively young. Basically, the process of pollarding involves cutting the top of the tree and several branches around the sides in order to encourage new growth. With time, certain branches may become dead, infested or weak, and need to be removed. If you want the tree to grow up healthy, you will need to contact a tree surgeon.


Tree inspections are necessary in order to determine the health of the plant. If you have different trees growing in your yard or your garden, you can schedule an appointment with a tree surgeon. The surgeons will inspect the trees carefully to determine whether they are growing well or not. They will also give you advice on how to maintain the trees in the best possible way.


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