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Blueprint Roofing and Construction, your expert New Orleans roofing contractor, has been providing homeowners in New Orleans with their roofing needs for years. The founder Mark Karem has spent his entire life in Southern Louisiana and specializes in the roof replacement, roof inspections and the siding and gutter industry. At Blueprint Roofing and Construction, Inc. we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We are known for our 5 Year Labor Warranty instead of a 12 month warranty given by most other New Orleans roofing contractors.

Our experienced roofing professionals are ready to assist you in completing any roofing, siding or gutter project that is functional, beautiful, and within your means. When you are looking to re-roof your New Orleans home, always make sure to hire the best roofing company in the New Orleans area: Blueprint Roofing and Construction.

Free Roof Inspection On Your Home

New Orleans roof inspectionIt is only when you discover a fading portion on the ceiling, water leakage, cracking in walls, and peeling wallpaper that you start considering your roofing problems seriously. Numerous other roofing problems are quite prominent these days such as fungus, dry rot, insulation damage, and so on. Roof inspections by Blueprint Roofing and Construction is the solution that offers efficient roofing services, but with a FREE inspection. Blueprint Roofing and Construction has the insight and experience to note problems before they become disasters

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Still Have a Blue Roof?

New Orleans roof replacementBlueprint Roofing and Construction can help you get the insurance money paid to get your roof replaced. Our company has worked with every insurance company in Southern Louisiana, and can help you get the new roof you need with the insurance companies paying for it. Don't keep having to live under the Blue Roof.

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New Orleans Metal Roofing Specialists

At Blueprint Roofing and construction, we are your New Orleans metal roofing specialists. There are many benefits to having a metal roof installed. For one, metal roofing systems are highly durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, hail and snow with ease. Metal roofs are also resistant to fire, providing an extra sense of security and safety for your home and your family. Likewise, metal roofing does not crack, erode or sink unlike many other roof systems composed of standard roofing shingles, thus making metal roofs in New Orleans easier to manage and maintain. As your New Orleans roofing contractor, Blueprint Roofing and Construction wants to make sure you get a great value as well as a dependable roofing product. If you are looking for a cost-effective roofing solution for your home, contact our metal roofing specialists today! Stop worrying about having to replace and repair your roofing shingles constantly - invest in durable, low-maintenance metal roofing today!

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