Why So Many People Love Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments became extremely popular in recent years and now thousands utilise their benefits during any given month of the year. No matter if you are traveling due to business or on holiday, any extended stay away from home should be luxurious and exciting. When looking for a beautiful place to live rather than simply to sleep, these ideal accommodations offer a unique solution. In fact, these can often save you time and money in the long run and you stand to enjoy far more benefits than you ever could at a hotel. Unless you plan to stay just for a night or two, a hotel should not even be on your list of accommodation options.

24-Hour Concierge

Serviced apartments in Fremantle give their residents constant access to concierge services, no matter the time of day or night. Individual travel and social arrangements are just a few of the services offered by such a professional and they can make your stay doubly exciting. Armed with inside knowledge of the local attractions and transport links, delivery services, theatre showings, and restaurants, these experts can help you make your stay something to remember for a lifetime. When staying in a new city for any length of time, their help can truly make the difference between relaxation and frustration.

Comforts of Home

Serviced apartments come with everything that you love about your own home, including a fully-equipped kitchen. These apartments come in a variety of sizes and floorplans to ensure that you get the right amount of room. For example, you may be traveling with two other business associates for a seminar in town. Rather than forcing two of you to sleep together in a hotel room, you can choose a serviced apartment with three separate bedrooms. Each member of the group will have his or her own bed, dresser, closet, and more to call his or her own during the stay.

In addition, these apartments also come equipped with TVs, DVD players, music systems, free Wi-Fi, and private telephone lines. With these amenities, you can relax in the living area together and then separate to your own private rooms when you feel ready to sleep or find more privacy. The fully-equipped kitchen will allow you to make your own meals rather than waste money eating out for every meal. In short, your stay in a serviced apartment will be in many ways the same as staying at home.


Something a hotel simply cannot offer you is space, which is one of the biggest benefits of a serviced apartment. Even the largest hotel rooms have their beds in the same area and they may have a tiny area set aside for a two-seater couch and table. To accommodate your food needs without adding space, hotels provide a microwave and miniature refrigerator, which is hardly enough for a person staying long-term. On average, an apartment will have 30% more available space than a hotel. Families found this added space ideal for traveling with children and the same was true of traveling groups. When you are not traveling alone, you might just need the additional space to keep your sanity intact.

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