Why Damp Proofing Your Roof Is So Important

If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that while either searching for a home, living in a past home, or living in the home you have now, you’ve dealt with damaging fungus caused by an increased amount of moisture in the home. The fungus functions in two different ways, as dry rot and wet rot. Dry rot tends to develop in warmer, poorly ventilated, and damp areas of the home. Wet rot grows within the same conditions as dry rot, but requires higher moisture levels. Both, once in the home, are difficult to eliminate. They germinate quickly, and dry rot can grow 5 to 9 mm per day under the right conditions.

Fortunately, there are people to help, such as damp proofing services in Peterborough and all over the UK. The first step to treating the fungi is to figure out where it originated. By establishing the source of the problem, a damp proofing service can help you stop it before it grows any bigger. Once that’s taken care of, your hired damp proofers can get to work replacing the infected areas of your house. The most common areas, unfortunately, are the hidden areas. Your dry or wet rot likely found its home around the leaky shower, near the ventilation system behind your wood panelling or skirting, under your floors and staircases, and in the timbers of your roof. However, don’t fret. A great damp-proofing service will offer you two important things to help your home become a healthy place to live again.

  1. Fixing It Once Means Fixing It Forever

When you have a problem with fungi, it’s important to have the assurance from your damp proofers that it won’t return once eliminated. Fixing dampness in your home can cost a lot of money. The last thing you want to worry about is taking out a loan two months later to fix the same problem again. A great damp-proofing service gives you no reason to worry, by using modernised methods of tackling the fungi and keeping it from coming back. Though it can’t always be guaranteed that the fungi will never, ever come back, the modern technology can keep the fungi from coming back for almost thirty years. The truth of the matter is, if you spot signs of dry or wet rot in your home, you should treat it immediately. The longer life you provide the fungi, the harder it will be to eliminate it permanently from the home.

  1. Knowledgeable Assistance

In order for your home to stay fungi free, it takes a team of experts. When searching for a great damp-proofing service, be sure that the people you hire know what they’re doing. Ask them questions, research the answers, and do a little searching online yourself to be sure you can follow along in the conversation. Anytime you don’t understand something, ask. Your damp proofer should be able to give you a reliable, intelligent answer to your question, and if they can’t, you may want to find someone else. Thankfully, most damp-proofing services only work with and hire professionals. They make sure they’re staffed with damp proofers that won’t leave you in a frenzy.

A great damp-proofing service means less stress and a healthier life. Be sure to hire one when you see the first signs of fungi growing in your home.


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