Why Choose Scaffold Towers Over Ladders

Working on an elevated platform or at an increased height can be a difficult problem. If you are a DIY enthusiast and like doing work around the house, you will need some tools and elevated platforms for working on your property. Most people prefer to work with a simple ladder, even though that is not the safest option available. If you have to work on an elevated platform, you will need adequate support. Ladders are flimsy, and are generally supported by a wall. If there is even a slight nudge, the ladder is likely to fall off the ground.

However, rather than using a ladder, a much safer and better option is using a scaffold tower. Scaffold towers are the safest option when working at an elevated height. There have been plenty of cases in the past where people have sustained severe injuries just because they were working on a ladder with no fixed platform, as a strong gust of wind can cause the ladder to topple over. Scaffold towers are the safest alternative to using a ladder to work above ground level. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a scaffold tower over a conventional ladder.

No Chances of Toppling Over

Scaffold towers have wheels underneath them which can be locked in place through a simple mechanism. You can simply climb up on the scaffold tower to stand on a large surface area and complete your work with ease. Compare this with the thin rungs of a ladder that affect mobility considerably and make it very difficult for people to work with ease. All of your weight will have to be balanced on that one rung, and in many cases, you won’t even be able to keep both of your feet together on the rung. For people who are overweight, this can be a big problem, and there’s a high chance of falling as well. However, if you are on a scaffold tower, there are railings on either side to help you support yourself, and the platform is big enough that you can move about on it. In fact, you can even bring all of your tools up on the scaffold tower as well so that you don’t have to climb back down just to retrieve a particular item.

Easy to Assemble

While scaffold towers are bigger than conventional ladders, they don’t really take up a lot of storage if you store them properly. You can take apart the scaffold tower and store it in a very neat and clean manner. The pipes are easy to assemble, and because they are made of solid aluminium or stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about them giving way anytime soon. They are extremely lightweight, thus allowing anyone the ability to move the tower around the property if desired. You can check out prices online and choose an affordable option for your needs. Scaffold towers are available for different heights as well, so make sure you choose the right specifications for your working requirements.

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