Why Chimney Repointing Is Important

Along with performing roofing services, roofing contractors often repoint chimneys. This type of maintenance is performed on chimneys whose stonework or brickwork features gaps. When a chimney is repointed, the joints are filled in and repaired. This service is performed on chimneys on modern homes as well as on period properties.

Preserving Your Chimney

Mortar joints normally hold out for about 25 years. During this period, a chimney may undergo a variety of temperature changes and weather extremes. Chimneys must withstand abuse from the outside elements, including rain, ice, wind, and heat. As a result, this type of pounding can lead to a crumbling chimney. Whilst the mortar may deteriorate, the brick on a chimney can last for a century. That is why repointing is a good upgrade to make. By choosing to repoint your chimney, you can make the most of the chimney’s brickwork or stonework and preserve it at the same time.

Therefore, roofers in Goole who perform repointing services can save you a good deal of money over time. Have your chimney repointed at the first sign of crumbling, gaps, or cracks. You do not want to wait until your chimney collapses. Do something right away if you spot warning signs.

After you have your chimney repointed, you will also want to make sure that it is waterproofed. Have the contractor apply a sealant to the joints so that moisture will not access the mortar. When sealant is added, it keeps water from accessing your home. In turn, you will lower the risk of damp on your ceilings or walls.

If the mortar on your chimney is crumbling, it can cause your home to lose its kerb appeal. Whilst repointing has a number of functional advantages, it also makes your chimney look more attractive. By repointing your chimney, you can lower the incidence of future roof repairs and add to its detailing as well.

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