Which is the better option… carpets or hard flooring

Carpets are said to bring life, warmth and colour to any home whilst hard flooring gives a contemporary smooth finish. In the United Kingdom there are a host of companies that provide and install amazing varieties of carpets and flooring, from material, colour and dimensions, most reputable carpet and flooring providers have a wide selection to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons when deciding between flooring (such as laminate, Cushion or wood) and carpets.

Carpets or flooring?

  • Cleaning: Carpets require a good vacuum regularly whilst flooring would require either sweeping or vacuum and mopping. However, carpets do take a little extra time to vacuum thoroughly because dust particles lay in the carpet fibres. Over time you also might need to wash the carpets especially if stains have been made.
  • Cost Implications: Carpets are definitely less expensive than solid wood flooring however can be competitive in price when compared to laminate. However, lavishly thick, high quality carpets can also compare to solid wood flooring in cost.
  • Installation: Carpets are easier to lay than wood flooring, however, either option would require an experienced professional if you want it done properly. Thus it may be slightly less expensive when laying carpets as opposed to flooring.

When selecting a company to supply and/or lay carpets in your home or office it is a good idea to ensure that experience, choice, installation and advice comes part of the package.

Carpet Knowledge Base

It’s important not to compromise on the quality of the carpet material. If you are looking for comfort and longevity, then consider that a carpet also protects your floor and your feet and thus it is wise to ensure that your carpet’s material is durable yet comfortable. Equally so, a quality carpet will make your home look vibrant and welcoming. We already know that carpets require maintenance over time and regular cleaning, so be sure that your provider has detailed all the relevant cleaning and maintenance guides once it has been fitted. www.gainsboroughcarpets.co.uk/carpets has an amazing selection of carpets to choose from: Twist Pile, Saxony, Velvet and Loop Pile carpets are common among them.

Wood Flooring Knowledge Base

This is where quality really counts! Bad quality will show through and what’s worse, repairs can be costly. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that the material and installation is done to the highest standards. Whilst laminate flooring is less costly than wood flooring, wood flooring gives a beautiful aesthetic look and feel to any home. It may be more expensive to install but will be far more durable that carpets and laminate flooring. There are 2 types wood flooring to choose from namely; Engineered Wood and Solid Wood. Engineered is a thinner layer of hardwood that is bonded to a laminate base.

Now that we have a better idea about the differences between Carpets or Solid Flooring, your budget and choice of provider can guide you with your flooring requirements. It makes no sense when adding beauty to your home to ever compromise on quality. When it comes to your floor Gainsborough Carpets has it covered.

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