What you should not forget to clean at the end of your tenancy

End of tenancy cleaning is usually quick and overwhelming, and yet the time is not enough for doing everything justly. That`s why you should organize everything in advance – from the spreading of tasks between your roommates to what to clean first and what to clean last. One, this will ensure the return of the deposit, as well as landlord`s good mood, and two – it will leave an impression for yourself as a good tenant. Check out some tips and ideas on what you should not forget to clean:

1 – The lamps, the light fixtures, the table lamps and all the objects that hang from the ceilings. The lamps are usually easy to clean – they require just a quick wiping of dust. However, some fixtures with complex shapes and textures can easily get dirty, not to mention the difficulties when wiping of dust from a light fixture with a fan. You will need a ladder or a bigger chair, as well as few clean cloths, a small bowl with water and a tiny amount of lemon juice, rubbing alcohol and/or white vinegar. Don`t forget through the kitchen too, where you can find numerous objects on the wall, such as the aspirator or the air-con.

2 – Outdoor window cleaning. The winged windows are easy, but the stationary windows may be quite large for rubbing and wiping easily. That`s why you may need a telescopic handle for the squeegee, as well as long and strong stick for wiping with a towel. Don`t underestimate the outside surfaces of the windows as they are usually the dirtiest ones. Another important thing not to forget is to clean the window frames from all the sides with the same detergent for windows.

3 – Oven cleaning is next, as it requires a long time for soaking the metal grit in the kitchen sink or in a larger bowl. A couple of hours should enough to dissolve the dry kitchen grease from the metal surfaces and to clean it easily with the sponge. Meanwhile, deal with all the interior surfaces of the oven, such as the walls, the vents and the lights. Use a sanitizing and/or deodorizing agent to eliminate the unwanted odors.

4 – Defrost the fridge and the freezer prior to house cleaning, and don`t forget to do it quite in advance, because the freezer may require a couple of hours to defrost completely. In the meantime, remove all the doors, hinges, racks, shelves and other inner compartments from the fridge and the freezer, and soak them in the kitchen sink. Don`t forget to wipe of dust from the cooling coils on the backside of the fridge and the freezer. Kitchen cleaning is really important.

5 – Inspect the entire house for broken items, malfunctioning electronic devices, scratches or other unexpected issues. Do some small repairs if needed or change the broken items. It`s not recommended to leave flawlessly clean but broken objects after the end of tenancy.

6 – Remove all the hangers and objects that you have added throughout the tenancy. These are usually small hangers from the backsides of the doors or attached hangers and shelves to the tiled walls in the bathroom. The ones with a vacuuming attachment are easier for removal, but the glued ones are not. Try to unplug all the glued parts and minimize the traces of glue.

7 – Of course, don`t forget to wipe off dust in the entire house. A quick rearrangement of the furniture, as well as quick deodorizing, are other great ways to ensure a perfect overall outlook after the deep cleaning. Move out cleaning is easy when you know how to handle it!

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