What You Need to Know about Hiring a Winch

In order to find the right winch equipment for your project, you need to make some enquiries. You also need to answer some important questions yourself. For example, it is helpful to be prepared by knowing the answers to the following questions:

  • Will the winch be used for pulling or lifting?
  • What weight does the winch need to lift or pull?
  • What are the surface or ground conditions if the winch will be used for pulling?
  • What measurement of rope do you need in terms of length and diameter?
  • What line speed is needed?
  • Will a power source be needed? Is there one handy?
  • Does the winch being used require a freewheeling clutch?
  • Is multi-reeving involved in the operation?
  • What are types of controls that will be used and needed?

Know Your Project Requirements

When you have the answers to the above questions, it will be much easier for the hire company to provide you with the winch you need. Knowing your requirements makes it much simpler to secure a winch hire for a specific project.

When you work with a hire company that offers a range of winches, you also have more latitude when it comes to hiring a winch. Hire companies offer brand names and products that are designed to suit each company’s particular budget.

For instance, when choosing a winch for hire, you can select form such styles as air winches, base mount winches, cable-pulling winches, hydraulic winches, and electric winches. In addition, suppliers offer such accessories as cable drum trailers, rigging equipment, hoists, and mooring systems.

An Overview of the Hydraulic Winch

One of the most popular types of winches hired for project use is the hydraulic winch. This type of winch, which operates with a power pack, is base-mounted and is usually featured inside a crash frame with lifting lugs.

You can choose hydraulic winches in capacities that range from one tonne to 400 tonnes. Therefore, this type of winch design is well-suited for various environments and applications. Hydraulic winches are available that are powered by diesel fuel or electricity. You can also hire hydraulic winches that are powered pneumatically.

The hydraulic winch also comes with power packs that include distance and speed readouts, load indication readouts, varying speed controls, maximum load limits, remote control, and constant tension. As you can see, you can equip yourself with a winch that will meet your specific criteria. You only need to make a call to a winching company such as Atlas Winch Hire, and provide the details.

Used Equipment Available for Purchase

If you use winches often, you may also think about buying winches that have been used and are available for sale. Besides winches, hiring companies offer such used items as rigging equipment, anchors, cable drum trailers, and cable drum jacks. In addition, used cabling accessories are featured for sale.

If your project needs change, hiring a winch or similar piece of equipment can assist you in using the latest upgrades in equipment at an affordable price. Whatever your specific requirements, make sure you work with a company that offers you the most choices.

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