What is Concrete Piling and how is it Used

It kind of sounds as if there’s a pile of concrete involved here, right, and that is more than likely  the very first image which comes to most people’s minds who’ve never heard the term before. But actually, a concrete pile is an element in a pile foundation which has been solidly driven into the ground to insure that a foundation is deep and secure.

Pile foundations use many concrete piles during their construction, with the piles combining to the footers of the foundation. These piles, will then uniformly spread the weight of the finished building safely, which then reduces any chance of structural failure or a collapse.

Deep Foundations are Must

You have probably seen examples of concrete piles on various building sites, as contractors build high in the South East of England in urban areas to maximise the use of a building. Deep Cannon Piling foundations are chosen for various reasons and sometimes, the utter size of a building will demand the use of deep foundations because of the reality that any type of shallow foundation, would definitely not safely support any building.

The underlying soil is also a big factor, and all piling contractors are well aware that some types of soil simply cannot support a building safely, and a deep foundation must then be utilised to safely secure a structure to the bedrock. There’s also the risk of seismic activity that can determine foundation decisions, as an earthquake must be a safety consideration in various nations.

How it is Carried Out?

There are two techniques of constructing a concrete pile.

  1. The first method includes drilling and casting on site and is often termed as “cast in situ” pile, because of it being created on the building site.
  2. The second method is known as pile driving, in which is used a preformed pile that is pushed into the ground, similar to a nail being knocked into wood.

Reinforced, pre-stressed, and precast concrete, all are used for piles which have to be driven. Concrete piles are also utilised for various other jobs and can be used to reinforce walls, where they can be temporary or permanent. You have probably have seen them being used to reinforce places such as embankments and other places which are in danger of collapse.

Different Proportions

Piles are constructed in a variety of proportions, and engineers will decide on what size and type of pile is perfect for a project, and will be there to overlook the placement of the pile and make sure that everything goes perfect. An engineer will use a number of techniques to supervise and test any type of pile both prior to being delivered and also after they have been fitted to make sure that they are indeed perfectly safe and secure before moving on to the next stage in a building’s construction.

Without any concrete piling, you wouldn’t see any modern city high rise buildings in the South East at all. Imagine that?

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