What Can Be Thrown Into Skip During A House Renovation

When you are renovating your house, you will create lots of debris which needs to be cleared away as efficiently as possible. This means that you need the right skip for the job. There are lots of different types to choose from, so you need to do some careful research before you make the final decision.

Which materials can be thrown into a skip during the renovating process?


You might be knocking down a few walls in your house to create more on an open-plan feel to space. When you do this, you will end up with a lot of bricks which need to be thrown into the skip. Choose a spacious skip for hire in King’s Lynn with a lot of width and depth if you are doing an extensive renovation where lots of rooms are being knocked down.

Then the bricks can be loaded into the skip and taken away at the end of the renovation process.

Breeze Blocks

Breeze blocks are often used to create the supporting walls of sheds and outhouses. If you are knocking the shed down, then you need to dispose of these breeze blocks in the skip. The skip needs to be robust enough to support the weight of the breeze blocks, otherwise, this could cause the skip to fall apart.

Then the breeze blocks can be loaded into the skip and taken away at the end of the renovation.


Knocking down walls and taking out windows during the renovation means that you will be dealing with lots of glass. The windowpanes will need to be carefully removed from the window frames and then placed carefully in the skip. You will need to wear protective clothing if you are moving the glass yourself because this will prevent you from getting a potentially serious cut.

The glass can then be removed from outside your house when the skip is taken away to be emptied.


Renovating rooms and knocking down walls means that you will be getting rid of lots of wallpaper. This can be folded up neatly to minimise the amount of space that it is taking up inside the skip. Once the renovation project has been completely finished, the wallpaper can be taken away when the skip is being emptied of its contents.


Throwing away furniture will mean that you have a lot of wood to put into the skip. The wood needs to be cut down with a power saw so that it will not take up lots of room inside the skip. Then you will be able to put lots of different materials on top of the wood before the renovation project is finally finished.


These items do not have to be thrown directly into a landfill because this is damaging to the environment. Instead, you should instruct the skip hire company to take material such as wood and glass to a recycling plant.

Choose a skip that will accommodate a wide range of materials.

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