Tips To Caring For Your Metal Roof

A metal roof, without doubt, is the longest lasting roofing material under any circumstance and it will outlast all other roofing materials. When buying a metal roof, one of the selling points that caught your attention was the fact that low maintenance is needed. You, however, need to carry out specific maintenance practices to ensure your metal roof remains beautiful and new throughout your lifetime.

  1. Prevent bushes and trees from rubbing against the roof

The finish of your metal roof can be severely damaged due to constant abrasion from trees caused by strong winds. After years of hard branches rubbing against your roof, it will not look as beautiful and as new as when you first installed it. Cut down high branches that touch your roof and clear away the bushes. This is a task that you can carry out on your own to ensure it doesn’t cost you money.

  1. Remove Accumulated Debris

Yes, snow and rain will clear out most of the debris on your roof, but it won’t clear away specific materials. You will need to remove debris from your metal roof periodically physically. It is advisable to use a brush rather than shooting water with a hose to ensure you don’t damage your roof. It will take you some time and may even prove to be difficult, but it is very much worth your effort.

  1. Don’t Walk On Your Roof Unnecessarily

Metal roofs are durable and they can hold a lot of weight without damaging their appearance, but you should not make it a habit of walking on your roof. Quality metal roofing even requires stepping on them during installation, but when you do it regularly, you end up leaving marks. Minimize foot traffic and ensure you do it carefully in case you need to be on the roof.

  1. Clean your Gutter

When clearing debris on the roof ensure you take a look at your gutters too. Wet leaves in the gutter come into contact with your metal roof and can cause damage over time. Metal roofs are designed to dry out after shedding water, but the wet leaves will stop edges of your roof from drying out. This will cause corrosion over a few years when in perfect conditions your metal roof should have lasted you up to 100 years.

  1. Keep Paint Away From Your Metal Roof

When painting your house, ensure the painter does it with precision to ensure you don’t permanently mark your roof accidentally. Most painters do their work in a hurry and end up spraying parts of the beautiful metal roof you just installed. Cleaning paint off your roof is no simple task, and there is no efficient way of doing it.

Bottom Line

Your metal roof is an investment that should last you a lifetime, and you need to take care of it properly. Most people think that a metal roof is a full proof material that you can completely ignore, but this isn’t true. Like all other roofing materials, you should ensure you carry out the above maintenance practices. Take your time when you do the cleaning because it will take some time before you do it again.

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