Things to Consider When Leasing Industrial Warehouse Units

Warehouse and industrial space can range from storage and manufacturing to distribution, with many industrial units in Yorkshire available to let to suit a mass of business needs and requirements. Whatever your business requires, we are sure that you will be able to find a premise that is nothing short of perfect.  Finding the perfect industrial unit however can be difficult when people do not know what they are looking for – There are many different things that people must consider, with some of the considerations including the following…

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – Most industrial units come with their on HVAC units, and before agreeing to any leasing contact you must ensure that you understand who is responsible for this. You don’t want to take responsibility for a unit that is damaged and is going to require repairs. Look into what maintenance comes with the HVAC in the building that you’re looking at and where possible try to make the maintenance and up keeping of this the responsibility of your landlord.

Operating expenses – You need to ensure that you know what is and is not included in operating costs. Operating costs generally include taxes, insurance and maintenance. You need to know what you are going to be responsible for paying for and what is covered in your contract.

Square footage – It has recently become apparent that some landlords calculate square footage differently – With some landlords including beneath areas and outside areas. What you really need to know is how many square footage of usable space you have – So make sure that you ask how the space has been measured and if ever in doubt hire someone to measure it for you separately.

Parking areas – You need to know how much parking space you are going to get, whether it is shared or private parking and who in in charge of repairs to car parts. Typically any damage to carparks should be covered by your landlord as it is in their best interest to keep their properties well maintained.

Loading areas – Consider whether you are going to be getting products delivered or picked up on a regular basis and ensure that you choose a premise that caters well for this. You do not only need to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of loading bays but also that these loading bays are easy for larger and heavier vehicles to get to.

These are only some of the things that you need to look out for when looking for an industrial to lease too. You need to write a list before you start your searches so you can avoid wasting time looking at properties that are not suitable. Some of the other things that you may want to consider include zoning, electric, ceiling height and expansion options.

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