The best water purifiers that should be used for the domestic purpose to make water drinkable.

Why is there a need to make water drinkable?

  1. Nowadays, the water that we are getting in our houses or homes is very much polluted that it cannot be used up directly.
  2. The water is getting polluted due to harsh human activities such as increment in industrialization. Increase in demand of factories pollutes the water bodies so badly that if we will directly drink that water we will suffer from so many different types of disease.
  3. Before, drinking up the water people should purify it properly. This above mentioned is the reason why to make the water drinkable.

If a person wants to buy a purifier for the domestic purpose they should take the help of aquaguard customer care number in Delhi NCR. They will help them properly by telling them which purifier to buy which not. Some of the top-best water purifiers; are mentioned below that be used by us for the domestic purpose:

  1. Aquaguard Geneus RO water purifier
  • Advantages:
    1. This is a water purifier with an LED display. This type of water purifiers is made up with the technology of mineral modulator.
    2. It has a water level sensor also on its side.
    3. This water purifier has 7-liter of water storage capacity or we can say that it purifies 7-liter of water at a time.
    4. It has an electronic life enhancer also. It can work on reverse mode also as it is made up with this type of technology.
  • Disadvantages:
    1. This water purifier has a very low storage capacity.
    2. All the water purifiers waste some of the water during the purification process.
  1. KENT Supreme RO Water purifier
  • Advantages:
    1. This KENT water purifier is made up with a dual storage tank. It also a feature of saving water during the process of purification.
    2. It has a UV fail and filter change alarm also.
    3. It is made up with automatic on and off technologies.
    4. It is certified the top-most water purifier till now.
  • Disadvantages:
  1. It is very much expensive in rates.
  2. Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV Water Purifier
  • Advantages:
    1. This water purifier has a 6-liter of storage capacity. This water purifier is made up with TDS controller technology.
    2. It is made with carbon technology also that soaks or absorbs all the harmful things and bacteria towards it.
    3. It has an auto-flushing system after the water purification is done.
    4. It is made up of silver nanotechnology.
    5. It can purify up to 15 liters of water per hour and thus, will make the water properly drinkable and usable.
  • Disadvantages:
    1. It has a very low storage capacity.
    2. It wastes some of the water during the purification process.

If a person is willing to buy a water purifier they can easily take the help of service centers or can contact to aquaguard customer care toll-free number Delhi they will tell you better about the water purifiers.

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