Small Fixes for Fewer Big Problems

Often, a thorough home inspection reveals that the roof on the house is underperforming. As it is the most neglected part of the home, this is hardly surprising. However, fixing the issues that arise with the roof can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. For this reason, homeowners should have their roofs inspected by a professional roofer on a regular basis.

When to Have Simple Repairs

There are some small signs that a roof might need simple repairs. These can include the loss of a shingle, tile, or piece of slate. While not likely to cause major issues for the walls, structure of the home, or overall roof, they should still be repaired. Most Northamptonshire roofers can easily fix these issues on a single visit.

Signs of a Bigger Problem

The real issue of these smaller problems is that they are often a sign of other damage to the roof. When a tile or shingle is missing, it normally indicates that the roof was not properly inspected or cared for in the past, and a roofer should undertake a more detailed inspection. It is very easy for a roofer to look for other common roofing issues while making the simple repair.

Not a DIY Project

When many homeowners see these small problems with their roofs, they sometimes choose to undertake the fixes on their own. However, replacing or restoring a roof is something most people have done once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. This means that for the average homeowner, the materials, processes, and requirements for properly installing a roof or even undertaking small fixes are unfamiliar.

When a homeowner tries to replace a shingle or tile on his or her own it can be done incorrectly and create a much larger problem. Down the road, what was thought to be a simple fix could become a massive leak in the roof or damage to the underlying beams that create the roof. As well, the average homeowner will not know what other problems or signs of problems to look for while completing the project.


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