Signs You Need a New Toilet

Whether you want to remodel your entire bathroom or just replace an old toilet, there are many benefits to having such a project done, such as increasing the valuation of your home and improving the look of your home. However, some homeowners have no idea that the time has come for their toilet to be replaced, and looking for the right signs could be the thing that saves a homeowner from a potentially damaging problem. Knowing the signs of an outdated toilet will likely save you both time and money in the long run, and having a plumber perform the installation will eliminate any chances of a mistake.


Maidstone plumbers are the first people to tell you that a leak means there is something wrong with your toilet, and are also the people you should call whenever you decide to have one replaced. Leaks from either the tank or the bowl can indicate a serious problem, and could lead to devastating water damage to the floor and subfloor, especially if the leak is not discovered for months. If the toilet is located on the second floor, it is not unlikely that lower rooms are damaged, which is why you should call for help immediately upon the discovery of your leak.


It could simply be that your old toilet is no longer capable of using water efficiently, meaning you could be spending far too much on your monthly utility bill. One way to fix this type of problem is to upgrade your old toilet to a much more effective and efficient model, especially if the toilet currently installed was manufactured before 1980. Toilets in much older homes use up to 26 litres of water with every single flush, while modern toilets use no more than 5.6 litres.

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