Signs of a Boiler Problem

Your boiler is responsible for keeping your house warm even on the coldest nights. The method is actually fairly simple. Your boiler burns a type of fuel; that fuel can be gas from a municipal source or actual canisters of fuel. It burns the fuel to heat up water. The water then boilers and travels through the pipes in your house. The pipes in your house run through the walls, releasing ambient heat into the walls. In certain rooms, the pipes actually emerge into the room in a coil of pipes; these are the radiators. Once the water has made a circuit of your house, it returns to the boiler and is reheated.

Boiler Problems

One of the most common problems with a boiler is that it is not heating properly. You need to call an expert in Brighouse boilers – servicing, replacements, and repairs.

  • Check the colour of the flame. In the presence of ample oxygen, natural gas and other fuels will burn with a blue flame.
  • If they are burning yellow, it means that there is not enough oxygen and carbon monoxide is being released.
  • You should also check the uniformity of the flame; it should generally be a steady flame around the burners.

Call a Professional

Boiler problems can be very serious. They can be dangerous because of the fuel that they burn; they can also be dangerous because a malfunctioning heater can leave you vulnerable to the cold. As soon as you see the signs of a boiler problem, you need to call a professional.


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