Schedule Boiler Checks and Servicing to Avoid Costly Repairs

In order to keep you home warm and cosy, boiler inspections and servicing is a priority. Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your boiler before seeking service. Make sure, instead, that all the components are in good working order. Common clues of a problem include the smell of gas or water that fails to heat.

Meet Any Faults Head-on

Therefore, you need to meet faults head-on. Use a service company that provides knowledgeable and experienced heating engineers 24/7 and who regularly carries out emergency call-outs. If a boiler cannot be repaired economically, then you will need to consider a new installation. Most of the parts that are usually replaced include circuit boards, pumps, and fans.

Don’t Make a Repair Yourself

If a boiler does break down, heating contractors and consultants in Dorset suggest that you determine whether a repair or replacement is more cost-effective. Indeed, a faulty boiler can be an expensive item to repair. However, you should not attempt to make the repair yourself. Prices for repairs normally include the parts, labour, and VAT, with labour costs dependent on location. Expenses also vary depending on the boiler type, model, and age. The general cost to replace a boiler part has a fairly large range.

The cost to repair a part, like a printed circuit board, can range from £210 – £434, including installation. The board, you might say, is the brains for the boiler and ensures everything is running together properly. For most users, it is easier and more affordable to replace the board than to install a new boiler. Therefore, each repair is dependent on your budget and how a particular part is used. You can get a better idea of where you stand by talking to an experienced engineer. You can also avoid a lot of repairs by making servicing and inspections a regular priority.


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