Salient features of a five star rating ceiling fan

Power consumption is an important aspect of the modern day machines. It is expected from a good device to consume less power and do its job efficiently simultaneously. Power savings is imperative considering the given climate changes and so research is always going on for a cutting edge technology that can help reduce power consumption.

The fan we use is a an electric-mechanical device which does the task of circulating the air of the room it is installed in and provide the cooling sensation through the use of cir currents and speedy airflow and by releasing this air back to the room. This seemingly simple task might be a simple one but has a few steps involved in sucking the air and cooling the room that the fan is being used into.

Historically, evidences of devices which have performed the same task but in a simpler manner are available. These devices just go the way in demonstrating that how mankind has the urge to change his surrounding temperature to his own bidding and this has somewhat always dominated his mind. Even though the fans we use today do their work enormously better than the fans of our great ancestors, but there is still considerable power consumption in these fans. The recent development in these fans has further more decreased the power consumption.

There is the reason behind the developing world is still sticking to older techniques of using fans and coolers and the air conditioners are not that much famous . There is a huge shortage of electrical power in these countries and these countries can’t afford the load of the air conditioners. Technology has always strived for betterment of human lives and it is evolving and we are constantly woken up to new developments. The five star ceiling fans are an excellent example f development of technology. The salient features of the fabulous fans are:

  • The fans are very energy efficient and to the owner they reduce the electricity bill that he/she has to pay due to the constant use.
  • Because these fans are energy efficient and mostly the electricity produced in the developing countries is through the burning of coal that is the thermo electric power thus these fans help to reduce the carbon dioxide emission if only to a small scale.
  • Because these 5 star rated fans are new thus they have been extensively worked upon and the speed and air flow has been improved upon. Thus they have a very high airflow to current usage efficiency.
  • The fans are built according to the modern technology and thus these fans are really light weighed and thus installing and uninstalling these fans is really easy.
  • The fans are at some point helpful in saving a lot of fossil fuel as the electricity in our country is dependent mostly on coal as stated above and thus these use less electricity and help in saving the fossil fuel.

There are myths that the fans of 5 star rating don’t give that much air which is very much unsubstantiated and these fans are better than the regular fans. The only drawback is their initial price which is a little high.

Companies like the orient, atomberg and a few others have come up with these really efficient fans. They have come up with BLDC fans which are fast, efficient and can be controlled via a remote.

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