Reviewing Scaffolding Systems and Services

You cannot work safely on a construction site if you do not erect scaffolding. Therefore, it is important to know the various scaffolding types and the other related services that are provided to contractors.

Scaffolding Systems

The three main types of scaffolding are listed below:

  1. Supported scaffolding is normally the scaffolding that is used on a build site. The scaffolding is constructed starting at ground level. This type of system features several access levels.
  2. Birdcage scaffolding is only used if you only need to reach one established level. The scaffolding is designed to stand on its own and therefore is fairly easy to install by Hertford scaffolding erectors and hirers. This type of scaffolding is often used when labourers are working on installing windows or a ceiling.
  3. Hanging scaffolding is used to reach the upper levels of skyscrapers. As the name suggests, this type of scaffolding hangs at an upper level. You normally see this type of scaffolding used by window cleaners.

Other Scaffolding Aids

Other scaffolding aids that are provided by scaffolding companies include the following:

  • Temporary roofs for re-roofing projects are erected to protect workers from environmental or climate hazards whilst they build the roof underneath.
  • Temporary staircases allow workers to gain ingress or egress to and from a building. Staircase systems can be combined with supported scaffolding. As a result, workers can get from one level to the next more quickly.

Scaffolding structures can also be fitted with handrails for safety. In addition, hoisting and lifting equipment can be hired for transporting materials.

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