Revamp your Swimming Pool with PERINI Tiles and Renovations

Do you want to give your swimming pool a new look? Changing the tile color of your pools is a big decision to make. You would want to give your swimming pool and new color, but somehow, you are in doubt of how its gonna look once the swimming pool is filled up with water. It’s confusing to get the right color and tone, from the blue to the green ones. Remember that colors change in water.

    Luckily, Perini Tiles and Renovations can help you with that. They have experienced on board architects and designers who can assist you with choosing the best tile Perini tile color and design to give your swimming pool a new, modern look. There are different factors that can affect the tile color. The color of the sky, surrounding trees, and building as well as how deep the pool is. The Perini team can definitely help you out with that.


    This is a light blue blend that can give a cool tone to the water. With its light blue shade, Galapagos can work well with the surrounding colors. You can incorporate bluestone or concrete walls to give it an outdoorsy look and feel. Galapagos will be perfect for outdoor swimming pools.


    This is a mid-blue blend tile which will give the water a bold blue color. This shade is best for modernly designed pools. The beautiful crystal blue tone can reflect perfectly with the sky making your swimming pool feel like you are in a resort. This is best for outdoor pools and will give a cool effect when the sun is down.

GM 20.49 Turquoise

    The dark turquoise tone with its added gold mosaics gives your swimming pool a different visual effect. The scattering of gold definitely adds more beauty to the design of the pool especially when the sun is high. It will look cool and elegant at the same time.

White VTC 20.10

    White colored mosaic tiles are definitely the best option for indoor pools. Once filled with water, it gives a beautiful soft green color. This has become one of the most popular shades with Perini clients. Some hotels and resorts are using this color with their indoor swimming pools.

Oxford Green.

   Giving your swimming pool a deep green shade and make the water look more natural. This shade is best for outdoor pools since you won’t have a problem with surrounding trees that can affect the color of the water. The green color is cool in the eyes and will also blend perfectly with the blue sky.

Aubergine GM 20.77

    This shade is not traditionally picked for swimming pools. However, because of the modern design and architecture, this shade gives a glamorous effect on your swimming pools. This is best for indoor pools since it creates a blue-green shade to the water.

When choosing a tile color for your swimming pool, consider all the factors in your surroundings. If you are still in doubt, you can visit the Perini Tiles and Renovations showroom, have a chat with the staff and you will surely go home satisfied with a decision in mind. They have the talent and skill when it comes to color coordination which will give your pool a dashing new look.


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