Modernising Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the rooms of your home that gets the most use. It is also one of the rooms in your home that your guests are most likely to visit. If you have a party, or a person staying over, they might never go into certain bedrooms and parlours, but they will definitely go into your bathroom at some point. When you combine the amount of time spent in the room with the different stresses of your bathroom, it’s no wonder that most people want to renovate their bathroom every few years. For example, when you take a shower, you raise the temperature and the humidity in your bathroom significantly. All of the condensation that builds up on the mirror is also hitting the counter, the walls, and other parts of your bathroom. That can undermine the integrity of certain materials that are susceptible to heat and humidity changes. That’s why glass is so popular, and if you’re thinking of remodelling your bathroom, you should seriously consider it. It’s a great choice. Glass will provide you with the opportunity to move to a slimmer and more durable material for your bathroom.

Modernising the Space

Glass has a lot of functional advantages over different materials, however, it also has aesthetic advantages. Glass shower screens in Perth, WA can make your bathroom look much more spacious and modern. Studies have shown that people can walk into two separate rooms, of the same size, and have strong opinions about which room is larger. Opaque walls and doors block you from absorbing the size of the room all at once. The obstructions can lead you to believe that a room is smaller than it really is. Alternately, removing those obstructions can make a room look much larger. Many people have found that removing obstructions even makes them think their own rooms are larger. Shower screens are great because they make your room look bigger, but also, they make your room look more modern. Some of the plexiglass or polycarbonate materials that were used for shower screens are dated. If you want a 21st century look, you need a great frameless screen from a quality glazier.

The Functionality

Choosing glass for your bathroom is more than just an aesthetic choice, though. As mentioned earlier, the heat and humidity of a bathroom can threaten the stability of the materials that are used to make up your bathroom. Glass, however, is a nonporous material that does not bend or warp in the normal stresses of a bathroom. Since it is nonporous, it does not absorb moisture. That means that any moisture will be on the surface. While mould and mildew can grow on a neglected glass screen, it will only be on the surface. You can wipe it off very easily. Glass is very easy to keep clean, especially when compared to some of the other materials that, historically, have been used in bathrooms.

You can also use glass for more than just a shower screen. You can buy glass countertops, sinks, and so much more.


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