Little Known Benefits of Replacing the Carpet in Your Home

If you are living with old and dated flooring, then now is the time to consider investing in new carpet in your Tempe, AZ, area home. In addition to making things look better, you will also enjoy the following little known benefits of new flooring:

  • Better for allergies: This is important for everyone who suffers from allergies of any kind. Whether it is an animal, a certain kind of food, or items found outside that get your nose running and your eyes puffing, you will likely find traces of these irritants in the fibers of your carpets and rugs. When you replace the older flooring in your home, you will be removing this buildup of allergens and releasing your body from the strains of living around them on a daily basis.
  • Fewer germs: In addition to allergens, the fibers of your carpeting also hold onto a lot of other negative things. Germs get nice and cozy in your flooring, making the old adage about bugs being snug in rugs far more true than you would like it to be. Replacing your carpet will help to cut down on the amount of germs you and your family are exposed to every day.
  • More endurance: If it has been a while since you have installed your current flooring, then there are a lot of good advances in these materials that you are not enjoying. Much of the new material being used to make carpeting products are far more endurable than they used to be. The new designs and textures are easier to clean and harder to damage, making the new flooring an excellent investment for a home with children, pets, or high traffic.
  • Acoustic benefits: Noise is something that can make a large space feel small and frustrating. Acoustics that are right for you and your family can be found by adding the right texture of carpeting in the right places. This is something that many companies are well aware of. Talk to them about your needs in this area, and they can help you choose the right products and the right placement to reduce the needless noise in your home.
  • Unfaded colors: No matter how careful you are, exposure to feet and sun will fade the colors in your carpeting. The only way to repair such damage is to replace the carpet. If you are noticing some faded areas in your flooring, then the only real fix for this is to get new carpeting.
  • Better smell: Fabrics like to hang onto smells, and despite the claims of certain cleaning products on the market, it is not easy to remove smells from your carpeting. This is especially frustrating if you are trying to potty train a pet, have a loved one who smokes, or have recently moved into a house that has unknown and unpleasant smells. Replacing the carpets can lead to a much better feel and smell in your home.

In the end, purchasing new carpet for your Tempe, AZ, area home is something that can improve your life in some pretty significant ways. If you are like most people, then you have never equated new flooring with improved health or better sound control in your home. While new flooring can greatly enhance the physical appeal of your home, there are many other important benefits of this kind of home improvement project.

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