Keeping Livestock in is a Breeze with the Right Fencing

Living in rural areas certainly has its benefits. The lifestyle is far more relaxed than the hustle and bustle of the city. Neighbours know each other, which provides a real sense of community and belonging. There is also a lot of hard work to be done, particularly if living on a farming property.

Start with the Right Fencing

The fencing of a property is one of the most important things to look at, with such fencing being continually checked to make sure it is in good repair. Generally, properties use fencing to set the property boundaries, along with the paddocks within the property. Such fencing keeps the livestock contained within certain areas, or to define where certain crops will be planted.

Using Steel for Gates and Fencing

Wire is normally used as the main fencing material. Galvanised steel would be the best choice for gates and fences. It doesn’t rust for decades, which would just about be the life of the fencing itself. It would be one less thing on the farmer’s mind if he or she doesn’t have to worry about whether the fence is going to rust and deteriorate.

One of the common styles of fencing is ringlock fencing. A typical style of fencing is to have the wire running horizontal, passing through steel or log posts along the way. With the ringlock, there are also vertical lines of wire running every few inches. Where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect, a ring of steel is joined around to keep it all intact.

Containing Livestock

Livestock needs to be contained, which is primarily done by the fencing. Animals can be herded from one paddock to another as necessary, but are kept under control at all times because if the fence is in good repair, they can’t escape. Such escapes would cost time and money to try and round them up.

Proper fencing is also a good deterrent for keeping unwanted predators out. Foxes do a lot of damage to livestock, particularly sheep and chickens if they get the opportunity to gain access to where the animals are.

Crop Planting

Crops need to be rotated when they are planted to make sure the soil is not depleted of necessary minerals. It is easy to number or name the paddocks if they are fenced so the planting can be done accordingly. Such numbering or naming also helps with the organisation of the farm.

Farming is a very busy lifestyle and can be quite tough. Farmers have to deal with all the different weather patterns, fluctuating market prices for crops and livestock, and be up very early to get work done each day. If they know their fencing is right, it is one less thing they have to think about, which means they can concentrate on their livestock and their crops. Here is one closing tip for city folks visiting rural properties: if a gate has to be opened to go through to another area, make sure it is closed as soon as the person or vehicle has passed through.



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