How to Measure a Difficult Space for a Carpet Fitting

If you know how to measure an area for a carpet fitting, you can make installation easier and get a better idea of the price. One of the challenges that homeowners face in this respect is measuring the steps on a stairway.

Measuring Stairway Steps for Carpet Fittings

To determine just how much carpet you require, do the following:

  • Gather a pen/pencil, paper, and tape measure.
  • Count and record the number of steps.
  • Measure the length and width of one step; remember, the most cost-efficient way to fit a step is to take the width of the carpeting, trimmed in strips over the length and installed with joins where both the step and riser meet.

A low-cost carpet fitting company in Warrington suggests using the above method to avoid wastage. This particular measuring technique also ensures that any differences in carpet shades will be avoided and that the pile will run in the same direction as the carpet on the landing.

Measuring the Hallway

 If you are measuring the hall, do the following:

  • Sketch a basic plan to place the dimensions.
  • Measure to optimum points and into doorways.

Recording the Measurements for the Landing

When measuring the landing, do the following:

  • Measure from the threshold for the door over the landing and across the nosing onto the first stair.
  • Notice where the hall and stairway meet.
  • At the minimum, always add five centimetres to the length and width of the measurements.

Whilst you do not have to take the measurements yourself, it helps to do so to avoid any communication difficulties.

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