How to Get the Best Signal from Your TV Aerial

The cost of paid subscription television has increased significantly. Many people have chosen to get rid of their cable or satellite subscription in favour of free television from a digital TV aerial.

With a TV aerial, you can access a wide range of free television services, including Freeview. However, you may not always get a quality signal, which can limit your viewing pleasure. Here are a few ways to get the best signal from your TV aerial.

Attempt to Align the Aerial Yourself

The first method for getting a better signal is to attempt to align the TV aerial on your own. To align the aerial, you may use the following solutions:

  • Use alignment tools to detect signal strength
  • Find nearby transmitters on Google Maps
  • Look at the position of your neighbour’s TV aerials
  • Use an aerial alignment Smartphone app

By positioning your aerial in the exact right spot, you can receive a stronger signal from nearby broadcast stations.

Hire Professional TV Aerial Installers

Attempting to align your aerial with the nearby transmitters is time consuming. You may also have trouble getting a quality signal without the proper tools, such as a decibel meter.

With affordable TV aerial installations in Poole, you do not need to deal with aerial alignment. Allow the professionals to install the aerial and ensure that it is properly aligned.

In the end, getting a better signal from your TV aerial may be easy or difficult, depending on where the aerial is placed, obstructions to the signal, and the location of the transmitters. For the best results, consider allowing an expert to install and align your aerial.


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