How Inventory Checklists Can Assist You in Your Relocation

A removal can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. When you move, you will find that the process will go easier if you are well-prepared. That is why it is good to inventory your items. Inventory checklists can help you move house, or can be used when you relocate a business or industrial facility.

Indeed, each of the above removals are vastly different. That is why it helps to inventory your items, and determine what you want to keep, what you want to donate, and what you wish to store.

Choose a Removal Company That Offers All-inclusive Services

By having a checklist available, you can make an easier determination. The company you use can be helpful in this respect. By choosing a mover that offers all-inclusive removal services, you can organise your removal with greater ease and less stress.

For example, a company, such as Essex Removals offers relocation services for domestic removals, commercial removals, and overseas removals. They also feature containerised storage options and overseas shipping. Packing is also included in the service offerings.

Obtaining a Quote for Moving House

If you are moving house, you need to compile a spreadsheet, such an Excel spreadsheet, which features all the furniture and belongings you will be removing. Give the spreadsheet to the removal company so it can quote you a price.

To begin inventorying your items, list all the rooms and buildings on your property. For example, you may include the following rooms and structures:

  • The bedroom(s)
  • The lounge
  • The conservatory
  • The garage
  • The hallway
  • The utility room
  • The kitchen
  • The family room
  • The dining room
  • The study
  • The garden shed
  • The loft

Under the section listed “Bedroom”, include all the bedroom furnishings you have in your bedroom or bedrooms. These items may include a double mattress and base, a folding bed, a futon bed, bedside table, bedside drawers, or lamp.

Under the listing for “Kitchen”, you may include items such as a microwave, a chest freezer, a dishwasher, or a fridge.

Under the heading for the “Loft”, you may include a Christmas tree. The garden shed may contain such items as a wheelbarrow, garden tools, sun lounger, plant pots, or lawn mower.

Once you have all the above items listed, you can see more clearly what you will want to move and what you probably will be storing or donating. Also, list any cartons of items you may have already packed. Go through the entire house and list what you have. If you know you will be donating some items, keep them off your inventory list. Mark the items you plan to store. Making a listing is the first step you want to take before you request a quote for moving house or making any type of move.a

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