Everyone has an opinion about open shelves…

Some love modern trends and use this type of furniture not only in their kitchens, but in their entire household, so they highlight their favorite objects, and keep all those things somewhere where they can see them, and display them in a creative way.

Others just admire the option of openness, but they still have worries considering grease, bugs, and overcrowding of their surfaces. Are these valid reasons to be concerned? Sure. Are they something that will ruin the trend of designing open shelves? Of course not.

When they are properly created, open shelves in the kitchen add a double role of décor and places for storing things. They make everything available, but at the same time give a completely new look to everything you already own.

We present you some of the best ways for creating open shelves, with whose help you can achieve the ideal balance between looks and functionality in your kitchen.

Get the most out of everything you use

Plates, cups, bowls, and other things in the kitchen are something that is used daily, and they have to objects that play the main role on shelves. Placing these elements on open shelves not only makes living easier, but it also stops dust from collecting. Constantly using them will keep them clean. And, what good do they do if they just sit on your shelves, anyway? You should make the most out of all the beautiful dishes you have in your kitchen and display them with every chance you have. You will enjoy it much more than if they just stood on your shelves.

Stay responsible

Placing your beloved things on open shelves means that you will have to be very careful not to overcrowd your place. This is a different way of saying that it would be best if you got rid of everything that it is of no more use to you. The things that are on your shelves should be the things that you really love and adore, and the rest of your stuff that you don’t use should really be stored somewhere else, or removed completely from the space.

A common misconception

Open shelves have received a bad reputation because we have the habit of thinking of them as being very brittle. But, actually, they are very sturdy, and people have that misconception without any valid reasons.  If you use them in your home, you won’t have any problem with them being brittle, just don’t try leaning on them with your full weight.

Open shelves are a constantly growing trend in the world. They are very beautiful and functional, and have a special place in the interior design world, and if paired with the right elements in the interior like Venetian blinds, great decoration, and good lighting, they can be a true winner. There are many misconceptions about them that prevent people from using them, but most of those things aren’t true, so if you have been thinking about getting open shelves for your space, but you aren’t exactly sure because of something you hear somewhere, after reading this text, you should be convinced.

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