Essential Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

The joys of the home swimming pool are to be found in regular use, whether that be as a tool for exercise or providing somewhere fun for the kids to play and keep active. The trouble is that anything worth having in life is going to need a little care and attention to keep it in full working order.

Thankfully, pool maintenance doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive as there are steps that you can take on a weekly basis to keep your pool in tip top condition.

Remove Floating Leaves and Debris

Depending on the current season and the proximity of your property to large trees, you might find yourself doing this more frequently than weekly, especially without the use of a pool cover.

What you’ll need to use is a long reach pool skimmer (essentially a pole with a net on one end) to scrape the surface of the water and fish out any unwanted objects.

The benefits of doing this include;

  • Creating a more efficient work environment for your pools filtration system.
  • Reducing the potential for pool staining by removing debris before it has a chance to settle at the bottom of the pool.
  • Making sure that your pool is always ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Brush Your Pools Surfaces

Once all visible pieces of dirt have been removed, you will want to make use of a brush on a long reach pole which will allow you to scrub the pool floor as well as the walls.

You will notice that dirt can accumulate on these surfaces after a while so every effort should be made to prevent excessive build up.

Push all sediment towards the pools drains to facilitate easy vacuuming.


If you don’t already have one then it’s time to invest as it will make cleaning your pool much easier. Make sure that the vacuum head and most of the hose is fully submerged underwater before activating the system.

Clean Your Skimmers

Your pools filtration system will contain a number of skimmers. These do a great job of collecting any loose particles of dirt and debris and should be cleaned out weekly if possible.

Doing so will make the overall pool maintenance process much easier.

Check Your Filters and Pump

Your filter will likely either be sand, cartridge or vertical grid based. Remove and clean this filter as per your manufacturer’s instructions as they form a vital component of the filtration system.

Your pump should also be run regularly to ensure optimal operation and to keep the water clean, allowing any chemicals you use to do their job properly.

Buying Swimming Pool Cleaning Products

Any good swimming pool focused retailer will be able to assist with your maintenance regime. Swimming pool supplies can be bought online as well as from any physical store located throughout the UK. Each retailer might carry a slightly different range of equipment and accessories but you should be able to find an equivalent product that will meet your needs.

Keep on top of your pool maintenance and it will reward you with a long service life, free from expensive faults and repairs.

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