Decluttering Tips: What to Do with your Junks?

When you’ve decided to move, and you’ve been packing your things, you’ll only then realize you had so many things you didn’t need or don’t want anymore. Instead of bringing them to your new place, it’s much better to get rid of these things. But how and what should you do with them?

Choosing what to get rid of

There are basically three types of junks:

  • Stuff you don’t use anymore
  • Stuff you don’t actually need
  • Stuff that can’t be used anymore

These junks could range from clothing items to decorations. When you’re organizing your stuff for the move, do a simple Marie Kondo trick: ask yourself if the item brings you joy. If you don’t need it anymore or you don’t want it, separate it from your stuff.

What to do with junks

The items that can’t be used in any way can be thrown in the garbage. This means broken items need to go as well as personal items that have been used, even once. For example, you might have a lipstick you don’t want anymore; it’s unhygienic and rather inconsiderate to give it away to others.

There are services that will take away any kind of junk you have. However, it is best that you separate any kind of dangerous products and ask local authorities like your fire department on how you can dispose of them properly.

Anything that is still presentable and working, regardless of whether it’s working or not, can still be of use. You can either sell them or donate them.

Selling pre-loved items

You can basically sell anything these days, even old technology that some people find interesting such as VHS players or old game consoles. As long as they work, you can put them up for sale on big eCommerce websites like eBay and Amazon.

However, be honest with the item description. If it does have certain damages, it’s better that you tell your potential buyer upfront. This saves you from the trouble of getting complaints and getting bad reviews. In the event you want to sell more items in the future, a better rate can help you.

Some people also sell their clothes, shoes, and bags online. You can use your own social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook to sell these. You’ll find communities within these sites that buy and sell pre-loved items.


Whether you work with a local charity or you donate your stuff to Goodwill or maybe pack them up yourselves and give to the homeless, donating is a good idea. You can donate clothing and shoes that are wearable. Even toys are welcome as countless orphanages are looking for used toys.

However, there’s a rule to donating: if you can’t use it, don’t donate it. Bear in mind that people will use these. Donating tattered clothes or broken shoes aren’t exactly the best thing to do.


Don’t be afraid to declutter. Your new life in a new place will be so much better if you start with no junks at all. Plus, it could help you and other people in the long run. If you have a lot of stuff, you can hire a moving company to help you move them all out immediately. Have fun donating and clearing up space.

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