Create a Lasting Impression with Designer Wall Finishes

paint finishes

If you want to give the interior of your office, restaurant, or other establishment a brand-new look, you should consider using decorative wall finishes. With hundreds of different styles to choose from, it is no wonder why so many people have decided to use this fashionable wall décor to improve the look of their commercial building.

No matter what look you are going for, you can find the right decorative finish that will accentuate the look of your interior décor. You can choose from rust, stucco, gliding, or antique finishes that will stand out and leave a lasting impression. You can even find sponge finishes, wood grain, or marmorino. These finishes may be applied to your studio or walls, columns, and ceilings. And if you like, you may even choose to have a customized finish created for you. Here is some more information on the different paint finishes available, so that you can gain a better understanding of this décor style.

paint finishes

Rust Decorative Paint Finish

If you want to create an antique, rustic look, it is a good idea to go with a rust paint finish. Using this unique metallic effect which may be either roller- or spray-applied, will create the look of patina in your modern-day building. You can choose from either a bronze or copper patina look, or opt for the weathered look of rusted iron. This paint finish may be applied to either the interior or exterior of your building.

Stucco Decorative Paint Finish

A rich stucco finish will help to create a luxurious look that is unique to your own personal style. This design may be used in a commercial or residential setting and creates a worn, weathered, and artistic look for your walls. You can choose from a wide range of colours and applications to design a style that is industrial, rustic, or artistic.

Antique Decorative Paint Finish

If you want to create an antique atmosphere, then you should think about using an antique design. This faux paint finish technique will instantly weather your walls so that they appear to be much older than they truly are. While it is possible to age your walls on your own using a flat-finish interior paint, you can always call on a professional team to complete the project for you.

Choosing a Design Team for Your Decorative Paint Project

It is a good idea to do your own research and find a team of artisans who have experience with these types of decorative paint finishing. Be sure to look at samples of their work and find out the finishes with which they have the most experience. A design team should have experience with using various types of paint finishes that range from traditional to modern designs.  They should be able to create a new look for your home or commercial setting that will improve the overall atmosphere of your space.

If you are interested in learning more about designer paint finishes and how you can instantly change the look and feel of any room by aging or adding a textured look to your walls, be sure to get in touch with your local design experts for more information or to request a free quote.

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