Common Roof Repairs

A roof can become damaged in a variety of ways. Because your roof is your first line of defence against weather events, it will face many different stresses that can all cause damage. Most commonly, storms will blow debris and branches that can fall on the roof. However, some roof damage occurs simply because the roof gets older. Over time, different parts of the roof begin to degrade and fall apart. You need an expert in roofing to help you deal with those problems. The problems can happen with the tiles, the gutters, and other parts as well.

Soffits and Fascias

You will likely need an expert in fascias and soffits in S71. These are the elements of your roof that join different parts of the roof together. Where the roof meets your house, you will need vertical and horizontal connection points that hold the roof to the building. These areas are typical areas of weakness; if they begin to degrade, your roof could leak and your home could flood.


If you are looking for the source of a leak and it’s not at the places where the roof joins to the building, it is likely in the tiles. The roofing tiles can leak if they are not fastened securely to the base of the roof, no matter what material they’re made of, and it can occur for several different reasons. If you think you have a problem, you should call an expert in roofing. Typically, it means that the water is getting under the tiles without showing visible damage to the surface.

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