Plan Well Ahead of the Move Date If You Are Moving Office

Moving house or moving from an office location are similar yet different activities. That is because moving office can disrupt your company operations. Therefore, you need to know how to make the process go more smoothly.

Prepare Early for an Office Move

In order to streamline the event, you need to start preparing early for an office move. Commercial removal specialists advise that people begin planning approximately three months before a scheduled removal date. Planning this far ahead will help you review all your options.

Plan a Budget and Stick to it

At this time, you want to solicit quotes from several removal companies as well as project the costs for updating your company’s stationery. Review your office’s insurance policy as well. Does it offer protection for office removals? Will you need additional cover for losses or thefts that happen outside your work location? Whilst planning your budget, too, you need to factor in expenses for cleaning the vacated building and disposing of the rubbish.

Shred Documents That Are No Longer Needed

Your preparation for an office move also involves making a checklist of pre-move and moving day tasks. Advanced responsibilities include labelling and boxing items, ordering the packing material, and shredding documents. On the day of the removal, you need to check inventories and position staff members in the old and new offices to oversee operations.

Create a Layout

When planning a removal, make a scale of the layout of the new office. That way, you can better determine how to move furniture inside the building and where to place it. Make work space assignments or answer any concerns well ahead of time. In addition, it may be necessary to organise a crew at another location to oversee removal operations. All calls on removal day should also be re-routed to the temporary location.

Minimise Your Downtime

If possible, ask employees to work from home on the day of the move. Office and home movers in Stamford can pack and load items fairly rapidly. So, minimise your downtime by working with a professional moving company that is bonded and licenced. You will also need to communicate to employees about the office removal ahead of time.

Establish a Bulletin Board

That means establishing an intranet bulletin board and including key removal details. This information should underscore the deadlines for packing and preparing boxes. Outline move duties and answer any concerns. Also, request that the staff remove personal items during the interim.

Directing the Staff

In-house staff removal duties may include clearing desks, labelling or packing boxes, or auditing inventories. Any heavy lifting or disassembly and assembly should be left to the removal professionals who you hire for your firm.

Therefore, when you are planning an office removal, you need to follow three “must-do” guidelines. These rules include planning early, establishing a temporary crew for handling office duties during the move, and moving the IT equipment first.

After all, you do not want any furnishings damaging sensitive electronics. So, take the computerised equipment out of your old office first. Make sure that the staff does not lift heavy crates as well. Leave the major activities to the removalists.

A Basic Guide for Hiring a Manual Access Platform

Working on the higher floors for any kind of a paint job, or repair work, requires you to stand on an elevated platform. Simple ladders are not always enough for workers because it’s very easy to lose balance and fall over. As a result, manual access work platforms must be rented out. If you are a contractor, you will probably know the importance of renting scissor lifts or booms, in order to complete projects on time. These are mobile platforms that can help workers go to higher floors and complete their jobs without the risk of falling off. Here’s a small guide that will help you rent spider lifts, booms, or a scissor lift.

Find a Rental Company

There are several hire centres in Wiltshire through which you can rent an elevated access platform. It’s important for you to check out different rental companies, and get estimates, before making a decision. Depending upon demand, the prices usually vary. You can request quotes from different vendors for the period that you want the platform for. Ideally, you should factor contingencies into play as well. For instance, if you estimate that the work will be completed in five days, you should rent the platform for seven days. If you try to extend the rental period later on, it will cost you significantly more money otherwise.

Consider Your Requirements

Most platforms are only capable of reaching up to a certain limit. As a result, it’s important for you to first consider your own requirements before making a purchase. Before making a rental, you should first send your requirements to the company’s staff. See if they have the platform available in their inventory before making a rental. You don’t want to pay for a platform that can only go to a certain height.


Removals are On the Rise in the UK

This year represents yet another year in which removals will be on the rise, as home sales are higher and rentals have also reached an all-time high. However, if you prepare and plan effectively, the potential for anything going wrong is substantially lowered.


Making Notification

The most tedious part about moving is notifying people about your plans. The most important contacts to notify are banks, store and credit card issuers, share and pension providers, loan providers, council tax officials, schools, employers, doctors, and your cable provider. You also need to organise switching off your Internet connection, phone line, and your utilities, as well as arranging for them to be connected at your new home upon arrival.

Experts in removals suggest using the Royal Mail redirection service. With identity theft on the rise, personal security is a priority. Also, the sooner you tell the council about your move, the sooner you can get a refund on council tax. If you are pressed for time, you can go to certain websites and change your address whilst notifying over 1,500 organisations, including utility companies.

Estate Agent Services to Consider

Some estate agents also provide services for sellers and buyers that include closing or transferring utility accounts, reading metres, and auctioning unwanted chattels and furniture. House clearances and lock changings are other included services as well.

When receiving quotes for removal services, consumers should obtain at least three written estimates from different removal firms. Use personal recommendations when making your selections. Ask firms, such as Arrowpak, about their time in business and if the size of their vans will allow access to your property. You should also ask for references. But most importantly, don’t assume that the cheapest quote is the best quote. A lot of people make this common mistake.

What Does the Quote Include?

Most people view a removal as an unskilled job. However, there are a lot of risks involved. Also, you need to remember that the quotes may not be comparable from company to company. For example, does the quote include VAT? Does the quote cover insurance for your possessions whilst they are in transit? These are very important questions, and they should never go unanswered.

If it is possible, have the packing done by professionals. Contrary to what you may believe, packing services are not expensive. There is also a chance that the insurance coverage will not include the items you pack yourself. Since packing can be the most frustrating and time-consuming part of a removal, it is often best to have removal specialists handle it.

Some Final Reminders About Your Removal

Don’t take it for granted that your furnishings will automatically fit into your new home. If you have any doubt at all, check to see if the removal company can dismantle and measure them. Also, it is important to ensure that you have cancellation protection, just in case you change the removal date at the last minute. Label all the removal boxes as well. A common-sense belt-and-braces approach is to colour-code rooms and boxes for easier unpacking.

Declutter each room, one at a time, and don’t forget the garage and loft. Decluttering can save you both time and money, especially if you want your removal to be well-organised.


Tenants You Don’t Want

Renting out property can be really beneficial but it’s not the easy money making scheme everyone thinks it is. Being a landlord is never a 100% easy job, sometimes your tenants are great but sometimes they’re far from. Here are a few reminders to really make sure you know who you’re renting your property to.

The Hoarder

Hoarding clothing, furniture and miscellaneous items is one thing but it’s a real problem when hoarding expands to food and rubbish. Rotting food and rubbish will not only be their problem but also the neighbours. As well as the ants and rodents it will attract. Avoid this by having clauses in your lease that state the standard of cleanliness your tenant needs to uphold.

Tenants agreement

The Drug Dealers

This is a huge problem. They may not only be selling the drugs; they may be cooking. The clean-up process involved is not a cheap one if drugs were found to be made or some even just used under your roof. SO, as always, do your background check. Don’t ignore the references!

The House Trashers

The come, they conquer. For some unknown reason people will rent out your house, pay no rent, forcing you to evict them and just before they leave they’ll cause thousands of dollars of damage and disappear.

Dirty Tenants

They pay rent but they’re causing much more worth in damages to your property due to their cleanliness habits. Some renters have kids who are allowed to run wild, some don’t clean up after their animals, some leave food and rubbish lying all over the house. Regular house check-ups, and again, solid clauses on the contract are the important.

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The Party Animal

Sleeps all day and parties all night. This will be a problem for you as well as the neighbors. They will cause damages—perhaps some broken cutlery and stained carpets.

When it comes to avoiding these unwanted tenants it all comes down to screening. Do your research when renting and don’t settle because ‘they seemed nice’. Anyone can seem nice at first.

The Setbacks People Commit When Hiring Furniture Removalists Sydney Inner West

Home is a place where good memories happen. Sadly, there are sometimes that you need to leave it and move into a new home to make new memories. In the event where moving is a decision is yours to make, hiring a professional mover will surely make the difference.

Unlike DIY moving project, professional movers won’t compromise the safety of your valuables. You won’t surely hate it from the bottom of your soul seeing your items damaged upon arrival to your new home, right? Hence, professional movers would spare you from that risks. Unluckily, there are some folks who usually make some mistakes when getting the service of professional movers. Here are setbacks of hiring furniture removalists Sydney Inner West.

Not doing enough legwork

Some people would just click their mouse, check with the internet and the first thing company name that appears on the search bar becomes their choice. Obviously, this is a mistake. Just because a company ranks on Google does not necessarily mean that it is the best choice for you. Be wise by digging deeper. Look into the services, their expertise and the reviews made by unbiased customers.

Choosing too cheap or too expensive service

There’s always something that lurks behind an extremely cheap or expensive service. First, choosing too cheap moving service is not a practical choice. You might surely experience the downside on the quality of the service later on. Second, too expensive service is not an indication that you are paying for a very high quality service. It could be one of the hypes in the market. So beware of it!

Doubtful of referrals

Did you know that one of the best ways to find a local mover in your town is through referrals? So why not try to ask for recommendation from your family, friends or business buddies. There’s a likelihood that one or some of them have an idea about a trusted mover that can be great choice for you. Don’t be doubtful of referrals because it is sometimes the best way to find a good mover.

Not telling the details of the location

Sometimes, one of the most annoying scenes arise when clients fail to inform the company about the features of the location. This could cause some troubles later on. Say for instance, if you are interested of hiring furniture removalists to transport your piano into a new home, then you need to let your mover know about the size and type of the piano. Also, you might want to tell them if you have stairs at home.


Moving should be fun and exciting. Unluckily, that is not always the case since some homeowners do not have a sensitive understanding about the importance of hiring reputable removalists Marrickville. While some people prefer DIY, some people get the trouble upon the hiring process. Maybe, it’s the pure ignorance that cause them to commit some mistakes when getting in touch with professional movers.

Rounding up, hiring professional furniture removalists is a far better idea than DIY moving projects. But to make sure that everything goes well during the move, you need to do your part. It’s not enough to just type “moving company” on the search bar and just pick that you think appeals you most. To get the right company, you need to invest bit of your time and effort. This can help you spare from those mistakes of hiring movers!