Cabinet Refacing- The Most Affordable Option

We all fall on hard times, but this does not mean that you should have to settle when it comes to the value and quality of life in your home. Cabinet refacing is affordable, but also an investment into your home, and the happiness of your family. A new, up-to-date kitchen can create an inviting space for family gatherings and everyday conversations.

If you are looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, then cabinet refacing is a great way to revamp and breathe in new life without spending a fortune. The Contractors Inc is your one stop kitchen shop. The focus may be on refacing, yet The Contractors Inc. will never leave your kitchen incomplete, we can also install countertops, backsplashes, and more!

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a simple process, yet it takes skilled technicians to complete. Refacing entails removing the doors and drawers off your cabinets, along with the hinges. The cabinets boxes are then cleaned and covered in a wood-grain veneer on the out sides, and rails of the cabinet. Once this is complete the new hardware is installed with the new doors- which can be Formica or wood. The best part is that The Contractors Inc. can finish this process in as little as one day!

Simple Steps

Once you are in contact with The Contractors Inc. a free estimate will be scheduled at your earliest convenience. During the free estimate a trained sales technician will come to your home to see the kitchen or bathrooms and begin learning more about your dream kitchen. The technician will bring many samples with them, so you can choose your new door style and color. After a few measurements and calculations the sales technician can give you an on-the-spot accurate price for your refacing project.

Once the proposal is in place the main office will give you a call to schedule your project!

 The Advantages of Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is not only affordable, it’s an intelligible move! The Contractors Inc. provides quality materials, and a crew that takes pride in their craft. The project is quick and hassle-free, and done on your time. Cabinet refacing gives you the same look and feel of a complete renovation, but it saves you time, money, and a headache.

Very Economical

Cabinet refacingis ONE THIRD the cost of replacing your cabinets! With that remaining budget you can upgrade your countertops, backsplash, or appliances! If you still have a good and sturdy framework, refacing your cabinets can breathe a new life into them.

Less Complicated

Installing a new cabinet in your kitchen could take weeks to complete; you may need to completely revise your schedule. However, cabinet refacing can take as little as one day to complete.

Prevents Waste

You retain the framework, but change the designs. Why throw away something that still has life? With cabinet refacing you save money and prevent waste. It’s truly a win-win, for you and the Earth!


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