Plan Well Ahead of the Move Date If You Are Moving Office

Moving house or moving from an office location are similar yet different activities. That is because moving office can disrupt your company operations. Therefore, you need to know how to make the process go more smoothly.

Prepare Early for an Office Move

In order to streamline the event, you need to start preparing early for an office move. Commercial removal specialists advise that people begin planning approximately three months before a scheduled removal date. Planning this far ahead will help you review all your options.

Plan a Budget and Stick to it

At this time, you want to solicit quotes from several removal companies as well as project the costs for updating your company’s stationery. Review your office’s insurance policy as well. Does it offer protection for office removals? Will you need additional cover for losses or thefts that happen outside your work location? Whilst planning your budget, too, you need to factor in expenses for cleaning the vacated building and disposing of the rubbish.

Shred Documents That Are No Longer Needed

Your preparation for an office move also involves making a checklist of pre-move and moving day tasks. Advanced responsibilities include labelling and boxing items, ordering the packing material, and shredding documents. On the day of the removal, you need to check inventories and position staff members in the old and new offices to oversee operations.

Create a Layout

When planning a removal, make a scale of the layout of the new office. That way, you can better determine how to move furniture inside the building and where to place it. Make work space assignments or answer any concerns well ahead of time. In addition, it may be necessary to organise a crew at another location to oversee removal operations. All calls on removal day should also be re-routed to the temporary location.

Minimise Your Downtime

If possible, ask employees to work from home on the day of the move. Office and home movers in Stamford can pack and load items fairly rapidly. So, minimise your downtime by working with a professional moving company that is bonded and licenced. You will also need to communicate to employees about the office removal ahead of time.

Establish a Bulletin Board

That means establishing an intranet bulletin board and including key removal details. This information should underscore the deadlines for packing and preparing boxes. Outline move duties and answer any concerns. Also, request that the staff remove personal items during the interim.

Directing the Staff

In-house staff removal duties may include clearing desks, labelling or packing boxes, or auditing inventories. Any heavy lifting or disassembly and assembly should be left to the removal professionals who you hire for your firm.

Therefore, when you are planning an office removal, you need to follow three “must-do” guidelines. These rules include planning early, establishing a temporary crew for handling office duties during the move, and moving the IT equipment first.

After all, you do not want any furnishings damaging sensitive electronics. So, take the computerised equipment out of your old office first. Make sure that the staff does not lift heavy crates as well. Leave the major activities to the removalists.

Handy Apps for any College Student for Practicality and Efficiency

Your average college student is stretched way too thin and feels that free time is a concept that only exists during breaks and summer vacation (if that). If you can relate to this, I don’t need to tell you twice that technology is an essential tool in accomplishing all you need to check off your list on a daily basis. Norton Antivirus for our computers and sturdy cases for our phones are just about as important as having insurance on our vehicles. Yes, it’s a silly thought but that just goes to show how present these devices are in our lives and how they help us to achieve the incredible amount of tasks and assignments that fill up our week days and even weekends. So, if you aren’t already benefiting from some great apps that can save you big on time and money, it’s time to clear up some space on your phones or tablets and get these on there.


It’s the fast growing alternative to your classic yellow cab that is taking over the transportation network industry and saving passengers loads of cash on rides. Request a ride from point A to point B for a fraction of the cost of your average taxi or share a ride with others at an even lower fare. Verified drivers are constantly being rated by passengers and vice versa- it’s safe, user friendly and cost efficient. If you’re like me and you couldn’t afford taxi services in the past, you’ll appreciate this innovation because it makes it possible for you to get around quickly, avoiding long bus rides and walking long distances.


This app is like pandora and itunes combined, but even better. Spotify allows you to create playlists from practically any musical artist out there and then play it on repeat. It is also known for its own excellent playlists in any genre you can think of and then some,  and even provides playlists for your specific mood. For a small monthly payment, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium and cut out all of the ads and even download as many playlists and albums as you want to be able to play them without internet or data. This service is one of my personal “must-have’s” so that I can always have my favorite music on hand.

Some Clever Ways to Use Your Kitchen’s Real Estate

The kitchen, that place where we spend much of our time preparing great food and drinks and even hang out sometimes with family and friends. So, we’re going to take a look at how upgrading your kitchen, will definitely raise its value.

First impressions are the ones that last

It doesn’t matter how good the interior of your home looks, a buyer has already partially judged your home when walking through the front door. You only have one chance to make a first impression, don’t lose it! It’s vital to make people feel warm, welcome and safe as they near your home. The same thing applies to any room there also, but especially the good old kitchen, as this is where you spent a great deal of time preparing food, and in most cases where you consumed it. So, a clean and classy looking kitchen is crucial to the image of your home should you wish to sell later.

A kitchen comes first

You’re not really selling your home, you’re selling your kitchen – that’s the degree of importance going on here! The advantages of renovating your kitchen are limitless, and the great news is that you should be getting 85% of your money back. Kitchen designs in Perth have never been better and you can find everything you are looking for in custom kitchen design. Two of the quickest and most cost effective kitchen upgrades are painting and new cabinet hardware.


Getting a natural wood look is always a good idea. It will definitely heighten the ambience of a kitchen to the eye of any prospective buyer. Floors are certainly one other main viewing point that buyers look out for when they’re house hunting, and this will instantly increase the value of your kitchen.

Lighting upgrade

Lighting is another central feature in establishing an open and inviting space that potential buyers will find alluring. Try removing any dim lights for new brighter ones and make sure the lights that you have are still in style. Alternatively, invest in present day lighting fixtures that will look just perfect in your kitchen. You can also add subtle, under cabinet lighting as a quick fix, which will improve your kitchen’s ambience.

Cash strapped

If money is limited, try to go so far as to spend it on some part of the kitchen which stands out. A brand new double sink with one or two fancy stainless steel appliances, might be a good idea. This is because when people see a new, clean washing area, they simply link it to hygiene. The fancy appliances will straightaway develop a better impression of the kitchen and people will believe the rest of your apps are the same.

And, there you have it. Try using these tips and you will definitely create a better feel to your kitchen, and don’t forget to make sure to bring in kitchen professionals with the experience in this field. After all, it’s their business!

Why You Benefit from a New Patio

People across the UK absolutely adore their patios, but homeowners without them often wonder what the big fuss is about. After all, the investment of building a patio can be considered rather steep. What these homeowners fail to realise is the many advantages and benefits of a patio can quickly return the investment with interest.

As you consider building a patio for the first time on your property, there are a number of benefits to take into account. Whether you live alone or with a large family, this addition could significantly increase the quality of life within your household. In addition, you could finally offer a safe and comfortable space for guests to relax together with a warm cuppa and biscuits.


Whether you plan to sell your home next year or want to keep it in the family for the next three generations, patios in Newcastle allow you to significantly increase the value of your home. What you put into your home you often get back out, and a patio is one cost-effective way to make that happen. Many buyers in search of a new home absolutely love to see a patio attached to the property, and they are often willing to pay more for such an addition.

Even if you do not plan to sell your home right now, you never know what circumstances could lead to a reversal of that opinion in the future. Knowing that your patio could significantly increase the chances of selling your home quickly should thus be considered. This addition should appeal to a wide array of potential buyers, and could even create a small bidding war that would cause the price of your home to increase

Additional Living Space

Many people adore their new patio for the additional space they have on their property. A large, beautiful patio can hold a table, chairs, and still have space for children to play. It can be especially lovely to have when the weather is particularly delightful and you want to enjoy your tea outdoors.

By bringing the family and your guests outside whenever possible, you add a new level of comfort to your home. The patio could easily become an extension of your kitchen, giving room for everyone you love to relax in comfort while they share a plate of delicious food. You could even make it your personal relaxation area, a place you visit after a long day of work to watch the clouds pass overhead.

Enjoy Winter

As temperatures dip lower near the onset of winter, many families retreat inside their homes to avoid discomfort. However, a new patio could help you take control of the winter months and regain every inch of your property. Let this be your opportunity to install a hot tub or perhaps place outdoor blinds around the patio to protect against the wind.

Whatever you choose to do with your patio space, it can easily be enjoyed throughout the year. Your family will adore it, and guests will voice that they are envious of your new, beautiful outdoor space. Once all is installed and ready for use, you will quickly see why a patio was a fantastic idea.

Take Function to the Next Level: Advertise on Temporary Fencing

If you’ve decided to use temporary fencing for any reason, the next step is deciding which supplier you’re going to work with. With that in mind, you may want to look at some of the specific reasons for choosing one of the leading providers in the industry. From the first time you visit their website, you’ll see that they offer a range of portable safety fencing and barriers and other specialised safety equipment.

Chances are very good that they’ll have what you need within this special sector. They always keep a large inventory of products on hand because they manufacture the products and maintain their own storage space. In fact, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find them out of stock in a particular item because their operation is able to produce hundreds of panels on each shift. You’re assured of fast, on-demand service.

The Next Level

Assuming that you’ve decided on fencing and have given some thought to advertising on your temporary fencing using custom printed shade cloth and banner mesh, when you work with an industry leader, you can take your temporary fencing to the next level. Start with the idea of printed fence wrap, a choice that has become extremely popular in recent years.

Not only does it have the functions of quality temporary fencing but it can enhance the appearance of the site as well. Of course, it’s a brilliant marketing idea as well, allowing the company to put its brand in front of dozens, even hundreds, of people on a consistent basis. This may be the one thing that sets the professionals apart from the amateurs. These specialists offer an array of shade cloth and fencing mesh that is excellent for this purpose.

Once you decide which level of advertising you want, the knowledgeable and courteous team members will guide you to the options that will work best in your situation. Because the inventory is so large and varied, you will have your custom-printed mesh ready to use in a remarkably short time. Speaking of which, this is yet another outstanding reason to work with an industry leader. Rapid service can put your temporary fencing in place and start your advertising program very quickly.


Because they manufacture their own products and use only the finest materials and techniques, your investment will last and will meet the test in most weather conditions. To back up their quality products and outstanding service, you’ll get a written warranty on every item. In addition, your product is guaranteed to comply with OH&S regulations. In addition, you’ll get this expertise and quality at very competitive prices.

When you browse the site to learn more about the products and services available, be sure to devote some time to the testimonials of past and current customers. You’ll see words such as “important purpose” and “easy to install”. You’ll discover why so many customers return to this source and recommend the company to others. They have become Australia’s top supplier of temporary fencing by offering high-quality products and delivering unmatched customer service.


This article was written by Julie from Fortress Fencing, an expert working for a leading supplier of temporary fencing in Australia.