Advantages of bladeless fans over standard fans

Fans are the primary weapon against humidity and hot temperatures in a major part of the world. They provide one instant respite from sweat not by cooling the air by some complex thermodynamic principle but by simply pushing the air and causing it to be in motion thus creating air cycles. This simple mechanism ensures that fans simple fans are robust devices which not only cost much less but can also be repaired easily in case they break down due to any cause.

However, technology seems to have pervaded each and every aspect of our life and thus it has been but impossible to prevent innovation touching our basic fan as well. Today, fans have evolved in their structure and one such device is the blade-less fan available widely in markets.

Insight on bladeless fans

These fans are not strictly blade-less but their working mechanism is much different from a traditional fan. It sucks in air through fans and pushes it out from a duct. Their design is a bit more complex than the normal one but it is equally robust if not more.

Bladeless fans have a plethora of advantages over the traditional fan:

  • These fans are much more efficient when it comes to air circulation which directly results in power savings. This also means another thing which is that the same amount of power results in the circulation of a much larger mass of air providing much better cooling.
  • Also it is highly safe and much suited to homes with children since the part of the device having the fan is not exposed and is confined in a well-covered space. Thus, children may easily create their home playground around the fan without causing an iota of worry to their concerned parents.
  • These fans are quite flexible when it comes to orienting the flow of air towards any direction as they may be rotated both horizontally and vertically. The magnitude of the force with which air is to be pushed may also be controlled precisely.
  • Above all, the fan provides a highly aesthetic feel to the household where it is kept and can easily become the subject of any conversation. It gives the owners the right to brag as it is unlike anything people might find anywhere.

Initial cost is more

The only drawback to the fan seems to be its cost which might initially seem highly discouraging but once the benefits of the fan are brought to mind, the cost factor would only seem secondary. Moreover, why walk when you can run and why run when you can fly? This adage fits perfectly to the scenario in hand as since the world has moved ahead and is adopting new technologies largely then there is no point in our sticking to the old techniques. Atomberg is offering top ceiling fans to satisfy all you needs.

The installation costs of these fans might be more but over time they are compensated by the savings done in the form of energy and the sensation they provide to the user. These fans are highly recommended if you are looking a fan for your home.

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