A Novel Waterproofing Solution for Your Roof: What You Need to Know about Such Applications

Our roofs have one job – to protect our homes’ interiors from climatic conditions.Unfortunately, however, they can knuckle under to a hodgepodge of functionality issues. The underlayment can fail, the tiles can become detached, the intersections can loosen over time, and the substructure’s aeration can eventually succumb to water penetration.

How Can I Strengthen My Roof without Mincing My Budget? 

If you coordinate the induction of a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) waterproofing system with your local 24 hour roofing company in Windsor, you can turn all of your water-related fears into a thing of the past. Consider the following benefits:

  • Contemporary GRP waterproofing is much more effectual than the original iterations, but you might like to know that the lion’s share of GRP systems installed during the ‘60s are still in use nowadays.
  • Official GRP solutions now come with an unwavering twenty-year assurance guarantee.
  • Black is no longer the only shade at your disposal – GRP can be modified to suit any colour of façade.
  • Glass reinforced plastic can also be cold laid, which means that roofers can install the system quickly and affordably. GRP can be fully cured within just 60 minutes.

Old-fashioned roofing variants can’t hold a candle to new-age GRP solutions, so be sure to contact your community GRP pros for a structural assessment.

Is GRP Pricy?

GRP materials are analogous to most other waterproofing options, but the real savings come in the form of reduced labour outlays.

The whole project can be completed by just two contractors in as little as a single day, which allows you to economise the undertaking and steer clear of exorbitant fees.


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