7 Overlooked Tips to Stay Cool All Summer Long

When the temperature rises, things can get uncomfortable in more ways than one. Long, scorching summers can sap your energy, comfort, and even your finances. But there are some handy alternatives to blasting the AC all day and night. Here are seven overlooked tips to stay cool all summer long.

Dress in Light, Breathable Clothing

It’s no surprise that what you wear makes a big difference to how cool and comfortable you feel in hot weather. Dressing in natural, breathable fabrics is a great way to stay comfortable and fresh in the heat. Choose fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk, to allow your skin to breathe. It’s also a good idea to wear light-colored clothing, which reflects the sun. Also, dresses and skirts are generally cooler than pants as they allow for more air circulation.

Reflect Heat off the Roof of Your House

If you’re trying to keep energy costs down, placing a radiant barrier on your roof can be very effective. A barrier stops heat from entering your home, which means that there’ll be less heat to cool down inside. You can put barriers on your roof, garage doors, and even on your windows.

Consume Cold Food and Drinks

Consuming cold food and drink is an effective way to keep your body temperature down. Eat fresh fruits and veggies such as crunchy apples, carrots, cucumbers, and watermelons to stay hydrated and cool on hot days. Or try adding fruit slices or fresh mint to a pitcher of water for a refreshing drink.

Lower Your Bed 

The higher your bed is off the ground, the hotter you’ll be during the night. This is because heat rises, making it extra difficult to sleep during the summer. So if possible, choose a lower bed frame and stay closer to the ground.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

On days when it’s too hot to go outside, a properly functioning AC unit can be a lifesaver. To maintain the best airflow and quality, it’s important to take preventative maintenance steps to keep your unit in top condition. Change air filters regularly to help your unit keep up with extreme temperatures. Make sure nothing is blocking the unit and keep dust and dirt out of the filters.

Open Doors and Windows

Opening doors and windows is a simple, yet effective, way to cool down your house. Keep the doors inside your house open to allow air to circulate throughout. And when the temperature drops in the evening, open windows and let the cool, fresh air flow in.

Keep Your Home Dark

Minimizing natural light might not sound ideal, but it’s effective when it comes to lowering the temperature indoors. Keep your curtains closed and your blinds down during the day and you’ll soon see a drop in your energy bills.
Having a correctly functioning AC unit is a huge help when the temperature soars. But by following these often overlooked tips, you can stay cool and comfortable during the summer. The fact that you’ll also be keeping your energy costs down is an added bonus.

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