5 Benefits of Installing Glass Balustrades

If there is an area in your house or yard which needs to be enclosed, doing so with glass allows you to see what is happening downstairs or in your pool area. While there are many other materials used to make balustrades, if your home has an ultra-modern design, glass will be the best material to use. Here are five benefits of ordering balustrades made from glass for your home or office.

Allows Light to Shine In

When you select glass balustrades for the office, inside your home, or around the pool, the light will be able to shine through the glass and provide light in dark areas. Staircases can sometimes be dark, even when the lights are on, which poses a safety hazard. However, if they are glass, the light can shine in and help illuminate the stairs so they can be descended safely.

Creates Open Illusion

Glass balustrades in Perth can give the illusion your home is bigger than it is. Staircases and mezzanine areas in either houses or offices can make spaces seem smaller if they are blocked in by solid balustrades. However, if glass is used, the areas will be visible instead of boxed in, which makes the spaces appear to be larger than they are, giving the office or your home an open feel.

Easy to Maintain

Frameless glass balustrades are easier to clean than wood or steel balustrades, especially if they are exposed to the elements. Some wood balustrades are often ornately designed, so dirt can get into the crevices and be difficult to remove. Steel is often hard to clean and can rust when exposed to moisture. However, you can clean glass balustrades with a good glass cleaner and a soft cloth with little effort.

See What is Happening

When glass is used for balustrades around staircases, you can see who is coming down the stairs and avoid colliding with them. You can also spot your cat or dog coming down, so you won’t trip over them if you happen to be crossing in front of the staircase or want to go upstairs. In offices, this can prevent expensive workplace accidents, especially if the person climbing or going down the steps is carrying something they cannot easily see over.

Nice Design Element

If you have a staircase which opens onto your foyer or the living area, using a glass balustrade will create a nice design element in your home. For homes with modern or contemporary designs, glass and chrome are common elements, and you duplicate this look for your staircase. It will be eye catching to visitors to your house, and if you decide to sell it, this feature can help create more interest in your property.

Glass balustrades around the pool area will also create a striking design element and allow you to watch your children play in and around the pool. You will be able to see what they are doing while you work nearby in the yard.

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