4 Tips When Buying New Furniture in Belfast

Before visiting the local furniture store, have a look around your room and take note of your colours, remember what kinds of accessories are laid throughout your home and try to find furniture which matches your current designs. Carry out some research on the best local stores and try visit each of these places to compares products, and prices. Here are 4 tips to remember when buying new furniture.


If you plan on purchasing a new bed its sensible to take note of the size of your room before you decide on a unit. There is no point in going to the local furniture shop in Belfast without knowing what size unit will fit in your bedroom. If you just take a guess and buy a 5-foot bed, it may be too big for your room when it arrives at your door. You’ll waste a lot of time going to the store to pick a bed which won’t even fit in your room. It is better to measure your current bed and find out if the store contains similar sized units, if you are looking to upgrade and require a larger product, make sure you take measurements to guarantee a larger bed will fit without any issues.


It is important to take note of your budget, so you know exactly how much you can spend on a particular item, plan your budget wisely and make sure you include all of the products you need to buy for your home. Try your best not to surpass a certain figure and don’t throw 50% of your budget away on just one item, you’ll be left buying mediocre units trying to make up for that one big purchase.


You may have to adjust the size of your purchase when you consider access points in your home, don’t forget to check the width of your front door if you plan on buying a large sofa set. When the delivery team arrives at your door, the unit you purchased might be too big to fit into your property. It’s important to consider the size of the furniture you are buying, tables, chairs, sofas, and cabinets all must occupy your room without the area feeling to cluttered.

Delivery Service

Ask the furniture shop if they deliver items to your home, if you don’t have access to a van or truck you won’t be able to transport large units such as beds from the store. Even if you do have transport, there is also a risk of injuring yourself, bulky units are difficult to manoeuvre so it is better to use the company’s delivery service where possible. Before using their service, make sure to inquire about additional charges for home deliveries.

When you visit a furniture shop, look around the store and choose items which will easily fit into your home. Budget accordingly, and don’t throw too much money away on one item if you need several others. Take measurements both inside, and outside your home to ensure your furniture will fit when it arrives at your door.

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